Saturday, March 24, 2012

So, how's the Panda doing?

So, those big kids ate up all the space on the last post....  here's what everyone wants to hear about:

The Panda is learning very fast.  He's been cruising the furniture for a few weeks, but now he's a confident cruiser.  So confident that he learned to pull up to a stand so he could cruise all day long.  Three days later, he learned to get down from a standing postion.  This was a welcome relief, because he was pulling up in his crib at night, but couldn't get himself back down.  Being stuck on your feet when you are exhausted is not fun.  If I laid him down, he got right back up though, because he could.  Bedtime is much better now that he can get back down when he's done standing.  The Panda got himself from crawling into a squat for the first time today, also.

Finally, we are getting some expressive language.  He will say "oops" at the end of each page of Blue Hat, Green Hat (that Sandra Boynton masterpiece).  We're pretty sure he's saying "head" when he points to his head.  He LOVES books, and brings them from across the room, and demands reading time.

We aren't making much progress in the food/ eating area.  Spoons are still off-limits and baby food is unpopular.  We keep at it, though.  After our Fruit Loop success from last weekend, we were hopeful, but no repeat performances...    maybe he only does the fancy tricks for Miss Christina...

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