Saturday, January 14, 2012

Surgery pictures

One week after surgery- increase drooling, moments of playing and attempts at smiling.

5 days after surgery (yes, he's still supposed to be wearing the Logan's Bow... we put it back for nap and bed..)

48 Hours after surgery

Right after surgery


  1. And yet again we see evidence that our God is amazing. I think about the training of the doctors and nurses who are helping Thomas. And I think about the amazing advances in medicine where they have learned to treat conditions that mere decades ago were untreatable. Our God is good! And Thomas is blessed to be in your family and YOU are blessed to have HIM.

    Hang in there! I know it's tough now but the rewards are going to be so worth it. Someday you will be yelling at him to put that junk food down.

  2. What a miraculous transformation. You look beautiful, Thomas, a very handsome boy! We are praying for your continuous recovery and for mommy's energy and rest too.

    Erich and Jacquie

  3. I'm just floored. What a handsome little man you have. I've been amazed at what these surgeons can do in such little time. He looks completely different from the last time I saw him. Awesome God!!!!