Saturday, June 2, 2012

Baby Steps Toward Eating

On Thursday, I saw 2 bananas on the counter.  I'm always meaning to take the kids to Bruster's to get a 1/2 price banana split when you bring your own banana, and we needed to make a run to the store anyway.  We shopped first, of course, and there were candy bracelets.  My big kids are quick to point out candy.  At least the days of whining have given way (mostly) to observation:  "Look, mom, candy bracelets!  Look!  Lindt chocolate balls!"

This time, I took the bait.  Another adoptive mom saw the Panda chewing on my Chinese bracelet and suggested candy bracelets as a way to try to get him to taste a food.  They were 39 cents.  Yes, please!

We moved on to the next store, and I put the candy bracelet on myself, just like my bracelet.  Well, ok, I broke the tiny, child sized candy bracelet all over the parking lot...  The Bunny gave me her own candy necklace, which I put around my wrist twice.  Sweet Bunny!  The Panda grabbed the bracelet as I was getting him into the stroller and stuck it in his mouth!!!!  We all clapped and cheered right in the Target parking lot.  He bit pieces off, and carefully picked every bit out of his mouth.  He didn't cry or stop biting.  Hooorayyyyy!

We shopped and got banana splits.  I shared with the Penguin and the Bunny and Panda shared.  It looked like we were on some crazy game show, devouring the treats.  At the end, everyone looked up and said, "Mom, what is the gross relish stuff?  That was the worst ice cream ever!"  Funny, they looked so happy....  apparently pineapple topping is unpopular....

We got home and strung some toasty-o cereal like a necklace, and the Panda touched his mouth with that too!

Friday, the Panda was signing, "EAT!" over and over.  I opened a jar of baby food, dipped all of the toys he puts in his mouth in carrot, and sat him in the high chair, and said, "EAT!"  He touched the carrot.  He put the carrot in my mouth.  Finally, he did put some carrot covered toys in his mouth.  Big, big step!

The Bunny went to a slumber party later (except I just pick her up late, because I don't do slumber parties- this was very unpopular.... *sad mom*), and the Panda took a "disaster nap".  You know, the after dinner nap that means a toddler will never go to bed.  When he woke up, he was overwrought.  He used to do this after nap on days when we went out of the house- I'm guessing it was from the stress of eating.  I took him for a little walk outside, and he calmed down.   Then we read a few of his favorite books.  It was time to eat, so I offered a few Gerber puffs.

Our first days together, the Panda played the sad peek-a-boo game.  He hasn't done this in a long time.  He did it with the Gerber puff.  You could see the inner conflict:  I'm hungry, but afraid.  She wants me to eat it, and she'll clap and cheer, but I'm afraid.  Heart wrenching.  He even brought it up to his mouth a few times, and then turned away dramatically.  He's not a dramatic person, either....  Still, progress!  I gave him a bottle, and we sang and cuddled.

The awake Panda came with me to pick up the Bunny and totally interrupted the whole party with his cuteness.  He smiled and waved and charmed the lovely young ladies.  He even went to bed nicely.

This morning, I decided to try a "normal" bottle- a nipple that hasn't had a big hole cut in it.  He managed to get down about 4 ounces in 35 minutes, but he did it!  I don't think he figured out how to suck, but he persisted...

My garden is doing really well- we have tiny cucumbers and tomatoes, and tons of peaches.  I always take the Panda to see it, and sign "Eat!" while pointing to the veggies.  Maybe the magic of picking it from the garden will help...


  1. Love hearing about all the progress being made! Love the 1/2 price banana splits if you have your own banana - wish our local ice cream shops did that! :)

  2. HUGE PROGRESS!!! Good for him and so exciting!