Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Poor Ignored Blog: The Update

Oh, where to even start!

The Panda is changing and learning every day.  He is running, learning more signs and words, pointing to things in books, knows his body parts, and most animal sounds.  I think his speech will be an area that will require attention for many years.  There are just sounds that he can't seem to make yet.  The interest in trying to communicate is new, and wonderful though.  He LOVES books, especially books that I sing instead of read.  He is still sweet and even-tempered.  He's gained just over 10 pounds in the last 9 months.

He heads to Children's National in DC for a cleft team day on July 31.  I think they will be pretty pleased.

What doesn't the Panda prefer?  Food.  We still can't get solids to pass his lips.  The big change that we've seen is that he is willing to try now.  You can see the fear of food at war within him against the desire to try it.  He brings things up to his lips.  Decides against it.  Thinks about it.  We'll get there!  He also doesn't prefer dogs.  He has a few favorites, but I can't blame him....  He's still nervous about stuffed animals too, but getting used to them.  He's really scared of grass.  He doesn't want anything to do with walking on grass, sitting on grass, looking at grass....  He's still also pretty scared of being washed or water running in the bathtub.  He likes to go to the swimming pool, though.

The Puppy has learned to ride a two wheeled bike!  We are very proud.  He's also been very diligent about his scripture memory work.

We've started school here.  I'm still allowing distractions and fun- if friends come over, I'm not a stickler for finishing up.  Just easing in....  I really don't feel ready.  Very burnt out, and so many things I'd hoped to do before school that aren't done.  I just feel like if I wait at all, I'll never get the momentum going....

The Penguin and the Bunny and I suffered the loss of our dear cat, Misty last week.  We got home from VBS (which was really great) and the Bunny went downstairs.  Misty hadn't been doing well, so I called for her to look for him.  She couldn't find him easily, and when she did, he was in bad shape.  We were very glad we got to love him and hold him and comfort him.  The Penguin was so compassionate and brave to face such a sad, hard thing.  She held him and didn't run from the pain of it.

I can really see how much his daddy's deployment affects the Puppy.  We all miss him so much, and we can talk and Skype, but the Puppy needs the firm presence more than anyone else.  

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