Friday, November 23, 2012

Trip to Visit Daddy

We leave in the morning to head home from a lovely 2 weeks with Matt.  While we were here, we found out that his deployment would be re-extended to a full 12 months, instead of the 9 months it had been changed to, so instead of 1 month left, we now have 4.  This is pretty tough for me to swallow.  I keep telling myself that we went into this expecting one year, and that 9 months would have been so much better than expected, but I let myself get my hopes up...

We spent 4 of our days at Disney parks, which was really fun.  The big kids have been many times, but it was the first Disney trip for the Panda.  He did better than I expected.  He is still afraid of fireworks.  The Haunted Mansion was the only ride that scared him at all.  He had one night terror for the whole 2 weeks, but it was not after a Disney day, so I think he really did enjoy himself.

Matt tried valiantly to get the Panda to eat, but we are still stuck at the "will lick a tiny amount of food, but then all done!" stage.  Oral aversion is really a tough situation.

The Panda said his first consonant blend today.  "Bl"  I was so excited!  It is obvious that his expressive language is much more advanced than his expressive.  I really can't wait until he can communicate better.

I am SO THANKFUL for our friends here in FL who are willing to take in "the Zoo" for a couple nights when we are travelling.  Military kids who spend a few duty stations together and a few apart form such tight bonds, and being able to get them back together is priceless.  They stuffed us for Thanksgiving, and help with the Panda's therapy ("dad style" therapy is different and more fun than "mom style"...)

My big news for this trip:  I got a smart phone.  I can text!  Check email.  Take pictures.  Wow.  I really want to figure out how to do coupons on the phone...  Bad news is that my contacts wouldn't move from my old phone, so please send me a facebook message or email with your numbers and addresses if you want me to have them!!!


  1. First, thank you for your families service and sacrifice! I'm so sorry for the extended time away from family. I pray that the time will go quickly and that Matt will be safe!

    What fun to do the Disney Parks. I love the family photos!

  2. Beautiful pics! So happy for you that you got to spend two weeks together! So sad for you about the deployment re-extension... I can't imagine how you must feel, and how you have to keep it all together in front of your kids. Thank you and your husband for your sacrifices so we can live in peace.
    Blessings to your family during this holiday season!