Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Best Day of Eating, Ever!

The Panda has been an eating machine today!  Much faster than ever before, asking to eat, eating new things....

He fully consumed his first Cheerio.  His feeding therapist and I got him to put several in, and crunch down on a few.  The last one got crunched enough that it dissolved and I grabbed his hands and clapped and cheered (so he couldn't use his fingers to pick the bits out of his mouth).  He finally swallowed it!

He also ate regular oatmeal that I hadn't ground into flour with a banana that I squished with a fork.

Every bite I fed him today was spoon into mouth!  No licking!

So happy!

This morning before therapies, the Panda was so cute!  I got him a new slide for inside the house yesterday.  He has been hesitant to slide at playgrounds even after all the work it takes him to climb to the top of a structure. I was hoping that this would help.  He started a crazy cycle.

Climb slide.
Slide down.
Beg for a spoon full of coffee (with creamer!)

It worked!  He did the slide at physical therapy and at the park later without hesitations.


  1. It breaks my heart knowing he has these issues, yet I rejoice that he is an over-comer!

  2. Yeah! So happy for all of you!

  3. Maria, You just left a comment on my (Full Quiver Farm) and said you'd love to "help" me with feeding issues/oral aversion. You know our new little sweetheart also will only take a bottle. Would love to talk. Will you e-mail me at Looking forward to hearing from someone who has been there/done that. So thrilled with your son's amazing progress!