Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A month and a half together. :)

The Panda is still adjusting very happily.  We've been keeping the world pretty small (for us anyway... home, church, tae-kwon-do, and occasional visits from friends).  He likes going out, though.

The Panda is getting good at kneeling.  He has gained 3.5 pounds in 5 weeks, and is getting stronger.  He still has a gentle spirit though.  He's getting hair!  He watched the Puppy get his hair cut (by me) with clippers today and didn't seem too worried.  I hope he feels the same when I try to cut his hair.  He figures things out very quickly- he learned to click a ball point pen after I showed him how once.  He loves hats, and puts on any available hat.  Santa, Woody the Cowboy....  His fear of the bath is a little less, and he is ok with balloons now too.  The Panda LOVES pretty girls, and really works hard to get attention from them.

Homeschooling is happening.  The Christmas tree is up, thanks to Matt and the kids, and it looks great.  The Panda is good at taking ornaments off.  House cleaning isn't happening as much as it used to.  We have too much entertainment to distract us.  The Panda can interact much longer than he used to without getting overstimulated, so we are having fun getting as many laughs out of him as possible.  

I am so used to the Panda's cleft now that it takes me a moment to remember when people are staring at us.  No one has been mean or anything, but several children have gotten really angry because they think the Panda is injured and grown ups are just standing around like there's nothing wrong.  He has such an expressive face, though.  I'll include some of his great facial expressions here.   

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