Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Month since Family Day

The Panda has been ours for a month.  He's had three shots, gained about 3 pounds, and nearly outgrown 18 mos. clothes and size 3 diapers.  He's learned to clap, and to imitate a little bit.  We're working on pointing to body parts- no "Ah-ha" moment there yet, but it will come, and we're working on bye-bye too.  We've resumed homeschooling around here, and it is going about the same as always.  The Panda still needs his alone time after playing and learning, but I think he's more and more able to deal with the constant togetherness of family.

Our first Thanksgiving together was great.  My dad was here and we enjoyed our low-key dinner and day.  We even remembered to take pictures.  Since we hadn't started school yet, we even made one of those hokey Thanksgiving turkey crafts we never have time for.  The left handed Puppy is getting better with scissors, at least.  Sometimes I think the Panda might be a lefty too...  that would be nice.  We meant to put up the tree, but didn't yet.  Probably we'll manage before Christmas....

The Panda had his first visit from the Early Intervention nurse.  I will meet speech and PT/OT folks next week.  I really hope they have had experience with cleft affected kids and feeding, or are research geeks, so we can figure out how to teach his tongue to move solid foods around.  I'm hoping that he'll get over his fear of food quickly- he is much better with his fear of the bath now, already.  The Panda amazes me with his ability to adjust to so many changes.  Of course, when the nurse was here, she asked if he could stand, and I told her he can't even bear weight.  I stood up the Panda to show her, and of course he stood right up.  *headdesk*  He is bearing weight a little better.  He REALLY wants to see out the windows, but that would require him to pull up on the windowsill and stand, and he can't do it.  The motivation is good for him I think.

I'm trying to figure out what to get him for Christmas...  is he a 9 mos. old or a 2 year old?  Such a dichotomy.    Any suggestions?  Leave a comment!  Something that encourages pulling up or needing to stand...  lots of sensory experience.  But not overstimulating...

In other news...  the Penguin and I checked out a local Lego Robotics team last night.  This is really cool stuff.  I am hoping that she will want to do this next year (because I want to do it too...).  The boys on the team wrote amazing programs to get their robots to complete various tasks, and did a little skit about food safety.  If you are among the 80% of folks who don't check your meat with a thermometer, then let me suggest a great Christmas present for you....  :)

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