Friday, January 13, 2012

Surgery Done

Thomas had surgery two days ago (Jan 11 at 11:30 am), and until late last night, he was miserable.  We were at Children's National Medical Center in DC, and they repaired his cleft palate (bilateral complete, but without having to move the premaxilliary area that most bilateral clefts have), cleft lip, and they gave him ear tubes.

He wouldn't eat formula, had some problems with his oxygen levels, a little airway swelling, and was either sleeping or crying.  He needed morphine for 24 hours after surgery was over (for folks who are might read this and want to know....).  Until this morning, he wasn't really alert at all.  He's still weak and lethargic, but he had some awake time this morning, and had a 2 oz feeding and a 6 oz feeding.  He has to use a syringe or something with a very thin, soft tube.  No bottle for 2 weeks.  Since bottles are still the onlyway he'll eat, this is unpopular.  He's also learning how to swallow with his new palate.

I just keep reminding myself that his 2 weeks of recovery, arm restraints, no bottle, etc. will pass quickly.  It is miserable, but there are so many children here who have so much more to cope with.  Please join me in prayer for these little ones and their families, and the brave nurses and docs who keep doing this hard work.

Please pray that Thomas doesn't have any breathing problems once we go home, and that his repair would hold, and that he wouldn't bump his lip and tear the stitches.  We might go home tonight, or tomorrow.

Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers.

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