Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy New Year!

Last night we finally celebrated Chinese New Year with friends.  We cooked a bunch and my friend brought Ang Pow (red envelopes for giving money- chocolate coins in this case) for the kids, and we put on our outfits for dinner and pictures.  Maybe next year, we'll plan ahead and get some crafts together and learn the Lion Dance.  Holding a baby when you are both wearing silky outfits is a big challenge.

We are 15 days post surgery.  The Panda looks amazing.  He is still not taking the bottle, so I'm still syringe feeding him.  We can start back with spoons on Wed. but I'm pretty sure he won't like them any better than he did before.  Night terrors are getting a little shorter and less frequent.


  1. Looking good Matthias family! Looks like you guys had a great Happy New Year. Panda looks better and better each time you post. I'm just amazed. Tell the girls hello for us.

  2. What great pictures of a beautiful family! I love these. Did you buy your clothing in China or elsewhere? My, my my! :)