Friday, February 10, 2012

Three months home and Happy Valentines' Day

I am amazed at how much change the Panda has experienced in 3 months.  He is so cheerful and eager after everything he's been through.  I think we are done with syringe feeding. He likes the bottle again, and is happy even if there is baby food in his formula.  He's learned how to swallow that new texture, and since he's mastered that, he's nearly stopped drooling, proving that he's really learned a new skill.  Yesterday was the first time I put undiluted baby food in his mouth since the surgery, and he did not have any clue what to do.  He held the applesauce on his tongue, sticking out of his mouth for many minutes.  I made chewing motions and tried everything, but he was just panicky and unhappy.  I hope that with continued exposure, he will learn to swallow thicker things.  Then maybe even chunky things!

The Panda understands a lot of what I say to him.  He is standing while holding on to furniture, and stepping if I hold both of his hands to give him a little forward momentum and a little balance.  He is having more clingy, needy times, which tells me that he's getting used to family and dependence.  He LOVES board books and can't get enough now.  He has his favorites, and insists on turning all the pages.  We are working on pointing to certain pictures in a book, or certain body parts, but he isn't quite getting it yet.  I think he knows "head", but nothing else.

The big kids had tae-kwon-do this morning and then 2 parties! The Panda had physical therapy and then the 2 parties, but he took it in stride.  He didn't get a nap, and was around tons of people and activity, but he didn't seem to have as much trouble with so much stimulation as he used to.

Matt comes home from his overseas trip tomorrow- his 3rd halfway-around-the world trip in 3 mos.  Jetlag?  I don't think he even has a preferred time zone anymore...  We can't wait to see him!  Today is the 18th anniversary of our first date.  18 seems like a really big number.  Anyone who knows him, please ask him about my dress for our first date.  His USNA sponsor actually dragged him out of the room after he saw my dress.  I've tried to decrease the amount of sequins in my wardrobe over the last 18 years...    :)  God truly blessed me with such a great man.  The honesty that got him in trouble over the dress is one of my very favorite things about him.  I like knowing where I stand.  I wonder if there's a picture of that dress somewhere...

Ok, so here's a verse that combines TWO of my favorite things about my husband....

Proverbs 24:26
An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips.


  1. He is acting just like my baby when we first gave her cereal. She just sat there with her tongue hanging out with a look of "what are you doing?".

  2. Thomas looks so cute!!! What great progress he is making! Levi did the same thing with the food on his tongue. I don't think he really likes applesauce. It's been 31 years since Craig and I had are first date. Now that is a long time! Love to your family.