Thursday, February 2, 2012

Three weeks after surgery- getting back to "normal"

Yesterday we celebrated 3 weeks since surgery.  The Panda looks great.  We are done with the arm braces, and he hasn't gone back to sucking his fingers.  We started the bottle a little bit at the 2.5 week mark.  His lip is a little swollen, and oozing sometimes.  It took me a few days, but I think that it swells when he uses bottles, so I'm going to go back to the syringe for most feedings to see if it helps.  Also, he has a spot on his head that I noticed right after surgery.  I kinda thought maybe someone bumped his little head when he was unconscious... I'm clumsy, so I didn't say anything.  It isn't like I've never turned a corner with a sleeping child and bumped their poor little head....  :(
But it is still there.  So it occurred to me that maybe they screwed some kind of sensor into his head...  I'm wondering if it's infected or just healing slowly?

Feeding is still a struggle.  The Panda clearly has oral aversions.  Here's where we are:
He likes a bottle if it contains Pediasure.
He's ok with syringe feeding if it is formula.
He has learned in the last 2 days to swallow formula mixed with stage 2 baby food from the syringe, but he cries, kicks, and flails.
Putting a Gerber puff in his mouth = scream fest
Spoons are great mirrors, but do NOT belong in the mouth.
I've made my first attempts at brushing his teeth again with a finger brush.  This was met with serious resistance.

Night terrors are improving, getting less frequent and shorter, but they are still with us.

The Panda is starting to pick up English, I think.  He is following some directions some of the time, which is not outside of the normal, 2year old range.  Sadly, he thinks "NO" means, "please stick your finger in your ear up to the second knuckle".  I guess that the only time I said a panicked "NO" was when he did that.  I'm afraid he's going to get the ear tube out...

The Puppy gave us a great moment last night.  He fell asleep at the end of a movie, so we woke him up to use the bathroom and go to bed.  He used the bathroom and flushed while he was half asleep.  Then, he took off his shirt and tried to flush it, clearly still half asleep.  Matt heard a strange noise and walked in on the Puppy washing his hands while the toilet and shirt were whirling away.  He called me, and I laughed until I couldn't breathe, tears running down the face.  The Puppy does not remember any of this.  He went to bed.  Matt was opened-mouth horrified at the shirt, the laughter, the whole show.  I had such a hard time deciding if I should take a picture, but I didn't....

Psalm 126:2
Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for them.”


  1. Hi Maria, That is so funny about your little guys flushing his shirt. I have found that after having my three big boys that I have an appreciation for potty humor that I never had before. Love, Chris

  2. Hey, Maria, THANK YOU for sharing your blog with me. It is exciting to hear from someone who has been to Gansu.
    I suspect that your little guy is around the same age our daughter will be when we finally travel.
    Looking forward to following your story.

  3. Oh what a funny post! Thomas is just amazing; we are so happy that he is adjusting well. Don't worry about the food thing. It will come. The transformation is stunning. Izaiah shocked us this evening by allowing me to feed him with a spoon! Couldn't believe it. We were all eating dinner at the table with the kids sitting in their high chairs. I was feeding Izaiah guacamole with my finger, sweeping it into his mouth which he loves. We were eating homemade minestrone soup and I just wondered what he would do if I tried giving him a little flavored broth. I put my spoon up to his mouth with just a bit on it and he opened his mouth and allowed me to gently pour it in.

    That was a huge milestone for us, as you can imagine. I then did it several more times and he loved the soup. (just the broth of course) Our other cool thing that happened yesterday on Superbowl Sunday was that he and Daddy were watching the game and now Izaiah knows how to "give Daddy five". So darn cute; I can't stand it.