Monday, April 9, 2012

The Panda's First Steps

Happy night!  The Panda took his first steps.  He walked between the Bunny and me, and we Skyped Daddy in to watch.  I hadn't expected him to walk so soon- he's a baby on fast forward!

Today's Video Segment is brought to you by the word "detritus".  Detritus.  When you have a baby crawling around emptying everything onto the floor.

I'm really hoping that the Panda will turn his attention to speech once he's mastered walking.  He seems to be increasing his understanding and making new consonant sounds, like "c", "g", and "b", so I'm feeling hopeful.

We also had a nice, quiet Easter, worshiping and breakfasting with our church family, and baking a little too.


  1. How very exciting! So glad you got to share this with Matt via Skype. FYI, the video didn't post. We will check back and hope to see it soon. Thomas is looking fantastic. So glad to hear his progress. We live the pic of him and his three siblings. He looks so loved! :)

    Love, Erich and Jacquie

  2. you're little buddy is such a cutie pie!!! i'm off to read your past posts :) but i wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my blog last're a dear and i'm so thankful for the adoptive mom community!!

  3. What beautiful children! Loved the grin on your little one's face as he took his first steps! Precious!