Monday, March 25, 2013

Daddy Boot Camp

Having a husband is great.  Having a dad is great.  He is such a blessing to us!

The Panda is eating more.  He's down to 2 bottles per day, and I've ordered straw cups, which I hope he'll transition to (at least mostly).  It is still very time consuming.  We have to find the right reward to suit his mood.  Bath?  App time on Ooop?  Singing?  Tea?  Panda chart?

He is consistently willing to eat a stage 2 baby food in 15-20 min now.  I have actually gotten the spoon in his mouth like a normal "bite" of food for a baby quite a few times.

For stage 3 baby food or homemade baby food, it is still about 90 min. per feeding.  He is still licking the spoon instead of letting it into his mouth.

We went away for a long weekend at Massanutten resort.  Very nice.  The indoor water park was really fun.  Having great friends along for the trip was the best part.  The only bad part was that the Panda refused to eat a single bite when he wasn't in his own booster seat in his own kitchen.  Matt did get him to eat in the church nursery yesterday though, so that's something.

The Bunny is enjoying workouts with dad.  The Penguin is enjoying the new glass baby food jars, which can apparently be made into many crafts.  The Puppy has enjoyed the recent snowy weather.  I am enjoying Matt's help with the decluttering I started before he came home.  It is amazing how attitudes and obedience improve with dad around, too.

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