Saturday, March 2, 2013

He's Home!

Matt's home!  We had a nice (late) lunch and celebrated with cake.  Everyone got presents and we visited.  Everyone else is downstairs hooking up the X-box we got for Christmas.  :)

There was so much stuff in his car, it was a true feat of engineering.

Some dads get big "Welcome Home!" posters.  Matt got this:

Here's a video.  I hope the excited children didn't say too many awful things to each other while they were scrambling to get ready for the "surprise" poppers and confetti for dad.  I was outside greeting him...

Matt also had a reunion with his cat, Belle.  She doesn't really like us, but she loves him.  Cat reunions are really not as exciting as dog and kid reunions that you might see on you*tube when people come home from deployments.

He only gets to stay about 24 hours, they has a week of outprocessing in Norfolk, and then he will be home!  Hooray!

And more pictures:


  1. Aww. It is so sweet to see the homecoming!!

  2. Yeah!!! Soon it will be for good.