Saturday, November 12, 2011

All is well here.  We had a delayed flight from Beijing to Lanzhou because of extreme fog.  We arrived in Lanzhou and drove straight to a small passport photo place where our babies were waiting, and all four families received their kids right then.  Thomas Fu Zhou did not cry at first.  He played and got pictures and went to all of us.  As soon as all the other babies stopped crying, Thomas started.  He cried for the van ride to the hotel, checking into the hotel, and getting a room.  He cried when I gave him a bottle, and refused it and pushed it away.  He refused cheerios and every toy.  So I just snuggled him.  He played the saddest game of peekaboo ever.  He covered his eyes so he couldn't see me, and then uncovered them.  You could tell that he kept hoping that when he uncovered them, I would have turned back into his nanny.  Finally, I had the girls turn off the lights and gather round and we all pretended to sleep while I was holding him, and he drifted off.  Matt returned from the paperwork with a box of treasures from the SWI, which included his favorite bottle and formula.  When he woke up at 2:30 am, I gave him that bottle, and he sucked it straight down without a single drip and played and smiled and then went back to sleep.  We shall see how he feels when he wakes up and still has new mama and baba.  
Fog Delays in Beijing
October 30, 2011
click to enlargeOur view as we waited until about 4-5 hours after our takeoff time before we even boarded the plane.
Coming to Gansu
October 30, 2011
click to enlargeMountains in Gansu
Gotcha Matthias Family
October 30, 2011
click to enlargeThe newest member of the Matthias family with Daddy (baba), Mommy (mama), Ginny (jie jie) and Elizabeth (little jie jie).

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