Saturday, November 12, 2011

Home by the Grace of God

Ok, Matt and the Panda are sleeping.  I moved all our posts from over here.  Maybe someday I'll edit them.  I took the Puppy to soccer this morning.  Life is "normal" again.

The Panda was such a good traveler.  About an hour into the long flight (11 hr 30 min) from Hong Kong to San Francisco, he nodded off.  I poked the Penguin, who was on the other side of him, and as she pulled out her earbud, I said "Don't wake him up!" in a whisper.  She got a crazed look, grabbed his head and shook vigorously.  I did the whole "what the heck are you doing" thing- apparently she missed the "don't" during the earbud removal, and thought I'd said "wake him up!".  So the Panda was awake for 8 hours during that flight, but was very good and quiet.  Then he cried for about an hour because he only likes to sleep in a bed or crib.  We got him to sleep for about 2 hours, and then landed.

I am a little scared of flying.  I do a lot of praying.  How much we have to be thankful to God for.  He was so merciful to us on this trip.  The Penguin was only sick for a couple hours and the rest of us were fine - congestion and sore throats were the worst of it, and not bad at all.  The Panda adjusted so well.  We had a wonderful travel group and super guides.  All the paperwork went smoothly.  Eight kids who had no families, no hope, no future, now have all of that, and six families who longed for them now have sons and daughters.

The Panda became a US Citizen at immigration in San Francisco.  Another huge moment of thankfulness.

The girls slept through the three hour layover in San Francisco and through 5 hours of the 5.5 hour flight home.  The Panda fell asleep before the plane took off, and slept until it was almost time to land.  No crying.  Matt and I dozed, but neither of us sleep on planes very well.

Our wonderful friends the Perrins met us at the airport with a big sign and balloon for Thomas.  They took great pictures of our homecoming.  They brought us home.  The Panda did not hate the car seat, and slept for some of the car ride.  We got home at midnight after 30 hours of being awake.  I fed the Panda, changed his diaper, put him in the crib which apparently neighbors and friends and my dad moved heaven and earth to get into our room, and took a shower and went to sleep.  I got 7 straight hours, another mercy straight from heaven.  Matt is having a little more trouble with the sleep thing...  The entire Tiananmen Square lego set is built....  I hope his current nap helps.

The Panda woke up this morning and met my dad and the Puppy, and has been smiley and it just seems like he's been here forever.  I feel tired, but ok, and so very very thankful to God and our friends and family and church.  Maybe I'll figure out how to upload pictures soon...  

1 Peter 2:10
Once you were not a people, but now you are God's people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.

Daniel 9:18
O my God, incline your ear and hear. Open your eyes and see our desolations, and the city that is called by your name. For we do not present our pleas before you because of our righteousness, but because of your great mercy.

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