Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today, we toured the Chen Clan Academy in Guangzhou.  It was a beautiful garden with rooms full of art and ornate old furniture and metal statues.  Thomas was wearing the outfit that we received him in, and it has traditional Chinese split pants.  All the grandmas at the garden seemed to approve, and they all wanted to talk to us.  They finally dragged in a student to translate.  They wanted to know where we were from and how many children we have, and when we would fix Thomas's lip.
We did lots of shopping.  There was an artist at the temple garden that made beautiful things, and then we went to the pearl market and jade market.  We went to a Cantonese restaurant with our guides, which was mostly pretty good.  On the short walk home, we wandered through the mall and got the kids all Chinese outfits.
Then we came back to the room and had naptime for Thomas, and I did laundry in the tub, which is a very good workout.  Whew.
Papa John's for dinner, ordered right to the hotel- tastes just like American Papa Johns...
Tonight is our one week anniversary with Thomas.  He's traveled a really long journey in one little week, and is handling all the change so well.  Our only big concerns are that he still won't bear any weight on his legs, and won't eat any solids at all, but we'll work through those things.  The big stuff, like playing and enjoying having a family, is going very well.

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