Saturday, November 12, 2011

This morning after breakfast, we went to have the TB tests of the kids who are over 2 years old read.  Of course, Thomas tested positive, and had to have chest x-rays.  I'm not sure if they showed nothing or dormant TB, since everyone was shouting in Chinese at me, but apparently we've got the all clear to immigrate.  My wonderful US doc. can sort out the rest.  Whew.  God answered my panicked prayer at the clinic.
Then we shopped.  We bought everything.  Then we went to the wholesale toy market and bought everything else.  Very fun.  And we finally found a cool present for my Snuggle Puppy.
It took 50 minutes for me to hail a cab to get back to the  hotel.  The kids were all so good during the wait.  So here's the way to get a Chinese cab.  Where ever there is a white fence thing by the road, walk down the actual street to where a car is already stopped.  Then flap your arm up and down at every cab that passes by until one stops.  Lots of fun, with traffic rushing by.
We are about to try another bath- Thomas really doesn't enjoy the water yet.

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