Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nov. 4
Last night, we found out that Thomas has been holding out on us… he was playing with this little card, and threw it, and next thing I knew, he crawled a little to get it.  Not great crawling but it’s a start.

Today was a travel day, from Lanzhou to Guangzhou.  We got up and said goodbye to travel mates who were headed to a second province to adopt a second child, and had breakfast and headed to the airport.  Our flight was fine- we found another American couple, whom we’d met briefly on adoption day.  There were many babies on the flight and a few hearty rounds of screaming, but we survived.  Flying is hard, because even though Thomas lets us hold him for bottles, he still has never fallen asleep in our arms, but he’s too big to lay down on a plane without touching someone.

Our wonderful guide from Beijing, Lilly, picked us up at the airport.  It was great to see her.  We had a big bus and lots of space on the way to the China Hotel (Marriott).  Our rooms are very nice here, although they gave us a not so great playpen for Thomas.  He slept straight through the night, though.  At the airport, we had a long, fast walk from the terminal to the bus, and carrying Thomas so far and fast was nearly beyond my ability.  My blood sugar dropped and I was feeling pretty grouchy last night.  We ate at our first Chinese McDonalds, since it was right next to the hotel, and I was done.  It tastes just like US McDonalds.  We all had fountain drinks with ice and Ginny had lettuce on her sandwich and I was too out of it to pay attention, but so far we are not sick.  I have a bit of a sore throat this morning and feel achy, but not terrible.

I’m writing this the morning of Nov. 5, since I totally crashed when we got back to the room.  Matt went to make copies of Thomas’s Chinese passport, and I gave Thomas a quick bath, which made him unhappy.  Then he had a bottle and we both fell asleep.

Today is his medical exam and TB test- pray that all goes well.  Thanks!

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