Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yesterday was not a very blogworthy day.  We'd hoped to go to the Safari Park, which is outside of Guangzhou, but it rained all day.  It is still raining today.
This morning we had our consulate appointment, where we (and other families) took the oath of citizenship for our kids.  All of the families with America World (our agency) had paperwork that said that we did not want Social Security numbers for our kids.  We all decided to change that and get them- don't know why the paperwork was messed up.  Then the officer said that we'd all have to re-change the kids names in the US, which I hadn't heard before.  Also, we have to carry Thomas's chest x-rays so we have them when we enter the US.  Please pray that we don't have any major issues.
We came back to the hotel for Thomas's nap, and this afternoon we are planning to explore Shaiman Island.  We've only had a total of about 3 hours down there of just free time to explore.
Tomorrow, we will have breakfast, pack up, check out and take a bus to Hong Kong with three other families.  We all have Friday flights out of Hong Kong.  Two more sleeps and then we'll be in our own beds.  I can't wait to see Matthew.  China has really been great, though. 

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