Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oct. 31, 2011    2:11 pm China time

We woke up this morning at about 5 am.  Thomas didn't wake up until a little later.  We were able to Skype with Matthew and my dad, and they are doing well.  Thomas woke up at the end of the call and the brothers got to "meet".  

Thomas had his first bath, and did not enjoy it...  We take so long to get ready, now...  managed to get to breakfast at 7:30 and were a little late getting to the bus to go to civil affairs office to complete the adoption.  All the paperwork for the Chinese part of the adoption is done.  We got to meet Thomas's orphanage director and one nanny, and they were both great!  We signed our names and made our red thumb prints and Thomas made his red footprint, and he is our son forever.

We are able to get him to drink from the one bottle from the orphanage, but not other bottles.  So far, he will not taste any solids or anything like yogurt or congee or cheerios.  We are really hoping he will take to "snacking" soon.

Matt brought the kids back to the room at about 12:30 when everything was done, and I toured the grocery store.  We will go back when Thomas wakes up from his nap to actually buy things.  His nanny said that they call him "Zhou Zhou" which is pronounced "Joe Joe".  We have been getting some smiles and giggles this afternoon, but he still has moments of sadness.  I think he is easily overstimulated, so we will see how the grocery store goes...

Adoption complete
October 31, 2011
click to enlargeWith the red footprint from Thomas and multiple red fingerprints from us, the adoption is now complete in China.
Qingyang Nanny
October 31, 2011
click to enlargeThe Nanny was very helpful and really cares for each child.  She asked that we send a picture of Thomas once his cleft is repaired so they all can see how he is improving.
Qingyang Director
October 31, 2011
click to enlargeThis is the director from the Qingyang SWI.  He seemed to really know each of the children and gave us as many tips on what Thomas likes as the Nanny did.  It is really nice to know that the SWI took such personalized attention for each child.

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